Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 months....time does fly!

I know everyone always says that the time goes so fast once your baby comes and it is so true! I can't believe that he is already 3 months! CRAZY! I don't like it at all! He is a great baby! He has started to laugh, but every time we try to get him to laugh for Nate he won't. So Nate doesn't believe us! Here are a few pictures of our handsome little boy! I am so in love with him! He makes me smile! We took him to the doctor a few weeks ago for his two month and he was 11 pounds! He is such a smiley baby! I recently purchased a bumbo seat. I was a little hesitant because it is a little pricey. I LOVE it! It has been worth every cent to me. He loves to sit up and he will sit next to me while I cook dinner or get ready for the day! I have to say, it you have the chance everyone needs one of these. It has been a lifesaver for me!

The girls love to dress him up and then laugh so hard. Poor little guy! He is just going to have to get used to getting dressed up. My dad said that at least he has two older sisters that can say "You are NOT leaving the house wearing that are you?" So I guess it is good that he can get used to it now!
I know.....most of my pictures of him are taken in his crib. That is where he is the most happy. I lay him in here to change his pants and he always talks and smiles at me!

His first hat. Isn't he so cute....wait Halle says we have to say handsome. We sure are loving this little guy in our house! He has been lots of fun!

More California....

When we decided to go to California, we found out that we were going to miss Halle's preschool graduation. I felt so bad but we gave her the choice. At first she wanted to stay and go to her graduation, but after talking to Jen she decided that she wanted to go to her house. (Jen promised her that she would put on a special graduation for Halle.) We had three little graduates from preschool. It was a cute program! We were putting in on as we were walking out the door but Halle still loved it! I was still feeling a little guilty about having her miss her preschool graduation when we got home so I asked Halle if she was sad that she missed it. She said, "No mom, cause I got to go to Jen's!" So I guess that was my answer right there!

Enjoying the yummy cupcakes after graduation!

The three graduates: Halle, J.Y., and Hailey

Brinley got to help annouce. She was so proud!

We had to hit up Krispy Kreme and get a FREE donut. The kids loved it as you can see!

Rainforest Cafe

We took the kids to a FUN children's museum. The kids absolutely loved it and it entertained them for quite a while. Jen always takes us to fun places and it was so much fun staying with them! We can't wait to go back! They were great hosts and the kids are already asking when we get to go to Jen's again! Thanks Jen and Johnny for letting us come and for entertaining us!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

CALIFORNIA continued.....

After we spent a few days in San Diego, we headed to my sisters house. My other sister was going to be there with her kids for one day and then they were headed on a vacation while their kids stayed with Jen. It was a lot of fun to have all the grand kids together. Here are some pictures of the different things we did. We took them on a picnic and then to pick strawberries:

All the grandkids with grandpa and grandma

They each got to fill a basket with strawberries. I don't know how many made it into the basket, they mostly ate them, as you can see on their faces!

Brinley, JY and Maddy looking very carefully for strawberries!

Hannah and Halle. Halle loved to take care of the two little two year olds. They however did not liked to be picked up or constantly have their hands held or bossed around. Poor Halle was just trying to be their little mom. CONSTANTLY!

Halle, Conner and Hailey

Trouble: Hannah and Gibson

These two both like to be in charge! I am surpirsed they actually are not fighting while they are on the same toy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


San Diego 2009

I have so many pictures to add to my blog and I am a little overwhelmed so this is going to be a very LONG post. I use this blog as my journal so beware of MANY pictures! We made a decision at the VERY last minute (I am talking within 15 minutes) to head to California for a week over Memorial Day. We packed up and ended up leaving at 10:30 at night and we planned to drive through the night while our kids slept. It was harder then we had planned and we decided that we are not as young as we used to be and we NEED our sleep. Nate had been working five days in a row before we left so he had only had a few hours of sleep a night and I just have a hard time staying awake. Nate drove until about Cedar City and then he woke me up and asked if I could drive. Well that lasted about an hour and then I was falling asleep! We pulled over and took a 15 minute nap and then Nate was ready to go again. Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time we got there. We headed to San Diego to visit Nate's sister's family first. We stayed with them a few days. We went to the beach and just hung out. It was a lot of fun to be with them. We haven't been to there house since Brinley was just little so it was fun to spend some time with them. My kids LOVE Nate's sister because she gives them all her attention when they are around. Her kids are all older then ours so she loves to spoil them. Here are some pictures of our visit to San Diego:

Nate took this picture of Brinley. She is spitting out the salt water after swimming in it.

Teresa and Nate relaxing by the ocean

They LOVED playing in the waves. It was a little overcast, but I still got burned! Their was this perfect little beach that was like a cove. It was so much fun and the girls LOVED it!

Jaxston reading about the seals that live here:

Halle hated the smell! We went to La Jolla and saw the seals in the little cove. It was fun but their weren't as many as Teresa thought their would be. It was still fun anyway!

Aunt Teresa and the girls!

La Jolla Cove