Thursday, September 25, 2008

No more bows and pink clothes!

Well I guess it is time for me to put away the bows and ALL the pink clothes. We found out on Wednesday that we are having a BOY! Before we found out I had thought about how I would feel if I was told that it was a boy. I thought that I might be a little sad because I have had so much fun dressing my girls and doing all the "girly" things with them. But when he told us I got really excited. I am ready to have a little something different and hopefully a little less hormones in this house! Plus that means that I get to shop for clothes and not have to make an excuse or hide them from Nate! Ha! Ha! Nate is really excited! He felt like it was a boy from the start. I thought that because I have been just as sick, and maybe a little more then with my girls, then it was going to be another girl! We couldn't be more excited! Halle was wanting a boy all along. Brinley said that she wanted a girl at first, but then she said to me the other day, "Mom, I don't care what it is. I just want it to be healthy." Yes, she is my sensitive little girl. When we asked her if she was excited she didn't say much. It takes her a while to let things sink in.
So now that means that I get to start shopping for fun boy stuff. A lot of people have asked if I am disappointed that it was a boy! I just have to say that I can't wait! I have already bought some really cute boy clothes and I can't wait for him to be able to wear them! We are very excited to have a boy especially since we have a hard time getting pregnant. So now we have a mixture! Also I know that Heavenly Father knew that I would never get to church on Sundays if I had one more girl to get ready in the morning. We may only make it for the very end! Just Kidding! So there is our exciting news, we'll keep you posted it anything changes. (The doctor told us to keep our receipts!)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Peach Days, Haircuts and Cheerleading Camps.....

Wow I am a little behind! We have been a little busy the past few weeks and with dial-up I have not had the patience to post all the pictures. I just decided it was only going to get worse! Brinley and Halle wanted to do future rockettes but we were out of town that weekend they performed so we let them do the Cheerleader Camp. Brinley LOVED it, and Halle liked it until the day of the performance. She told me that she was NOT going to perform, she DID NOT want to. Usually when she makes her mind up there is no changing it whatsoever. She went willingly with her class and she actually got out there and knew her stuff. It was so fun watching them get so excited when they saw us. Brinley did very well and she knew the entire dance. (I'm a proud mom, I guess). Brinley got to take it with her cousin and she loved it!

Halle and Brinley before the performance!

Halle, Brinley and Addison

Brinley wanted to pose this way with Halle!


The girls have been asking to get their haircut. It has been a while since we cut it and Brinley said she wanted long hair so I was surprised when she said that she wanted her haircut. I like the easiness of long hair and being able to pull it up, but they sure look cute with their hair short as well!

Halle's new haircut
Showing off their new hair cut!

I know it has been a few weeks since Peach days, but I thought that I would post a few pictures that we took. The kids had this idea that they wanted to ride in the parade with Brinley's school and I thought it sounded kind of fun. Their cousins are here so they wanted to ride as well. They were all riding bikes or scooters and Nate's sister and I walked behind them. I thought it was be just an easy stroll down main street. Boy was I wrong. First we wait in the line and then finally it was our turn to go. As we turn down to go on main street, Lily decides that she doesn't want to ride the scooter anymore. So Teresa has to walk down main street holding it for her. All the while, I am chasing Brinley and Parker telling them to slow down and stay by us. Then Halle takes off riding her bike not watching where she is going. She rides her bike looking at the crowd, the candy on the street or most frequently, looking behind her. She is coasting down main street, getting further and further ahead of us and the float in front of us. So I am chasing her telling her to use her brakes, but she isn't listening to me. Finally I catch up to her a few blocks later and she had crashed into someone in front of her because she wasn't watching, and she didn't know how to stop! Meanwhile, Addison decides that she doesn't want to ride her scooter either. So Teresa has both scooters while trying to keep up with the girls! I'm sure people were just laughing at us. We were probably the best entertainment of the whole parade! Now I know you are probably asking where Nate was for all of this! Let's just say he is smarter than I and made the excuse that he HAD to be at Peach City! Let's just say that next year, I will really think about this, or maybe I will make sure that Nate gets to join in on the fun!
All ready to ride in the parade!
Halle not so sure about all of this!
Brinley and Addison
Parker and Halle

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We FINALLY have an announcement.....

So I guess that I just can't keep it a secret any longer............ I am PREGNANT! Finally after waiting for what seemed like forever! I am about 12 weeks now and I am due March 24th. Both of my other girls Birthdays are in March as well. Halle's in the 21st and Brinley's is the 31st. Oh Well, I guess I will just get them done all in the same month. I really don't care because I have wanted this for a long time. I have waited to make the announcement on here because I wanted to make sure that I was passed the critical stage of miscarriage. I haven't ever had a miscarriage but we have been trying for about 2 years now! I went back and forth about whether to put this on my blog but I decided that I wanted to because I want to track my pregnancy and my thoughts and be able to go back and read them. (So this may be a long post!) We had actually done everything we could with my OB/GYN as far as fertility goes so he sent us to a fertility doctor. We went and saw him and we both were not impressed that we needed to continue any further. All of out tests came back normal and we cold not figure out what was wrong.
We had talked that we were going to start the whole adoption process because we had friends that just went through it and had a wonderful experience. We felt like maybe this is what we needed to do because you see, when we got married we always wanted a lot of children, like 10! (Don't worry, I am getting way to old to have 10, that's why we were hoping there was more then one in there...but we are sure there isn't) So we talked about trying the fertility drugs one more month and if nothing happened then we would set up the appointment for adoption. Well I took the pills to start my period and a week later it never came. So I called the doctor and they told me to wait until it had been two weeks. So long story short, I took the test and it came back positive! Then I had to take about 4 more and a blood pregnancy test just to make sure. Nate always teases me that I bought all of Walmart's pregnancy tests!
Our kids are so excited. Brinley didn't know what to think at first. She had been crying before this happened on a few occasions telling me that if we had another baby, we would forget all about her and love the baby more. Halle has wanted a baby for a long time. When we were struggling with getting pregnant and a few times I had been a little teary. Halle told me, "Mom all you have to do it say, (as she folds her arms)"Heavenly Father, I want a baby" and then he will give you a baby, just like that". Oh the faith of a child. Sometimes I wish I had as much as they do! She has been asking for a baby for a long time when we says her prays at night. Now she thanks him for the baby brother, so we'll see!
Everyone keeps asking if I want a boy but I really don't care about the sex of the baby. I know you hear this all the time, but we had problems with both of our girls when they were born. I told Nate I just want one that doesn't have ANY problems and that we can take home from the hospital without any problems. I don't feel strong either way. At first I thought maybe a boy because I felt really good and with my girls I was sick. But then the nausea set in and it is always worse at night so now I think maybe a girl? I have been more sick this time around but I don't know if it is because I have two to take care of already and maybe because I am getting older! Who knows, but I am not complaining, because I have wanted this for a long time. I guess it is a good sign that I am sick and at least I know it is going to be totally worth it!
So there you have my exhausting, long story but I wanted to make sure and have it documented for my memory more then anything! We will hopefully find out in two weeks what it is. I always wanted to wait, but maybe if I had one of each so I could be ready. Okay probably not I am not good at surprises! We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Halle's first day of preschool...

Wednesday was Halle's first day of preschool. She has been counting the days every night before she goes to bed. She layed her clothes out the night before and chose which ones she liked the most. When she woke up, she was so excited to go. I put her in a preschool with one of our friends little girls. I was worried if she would go on her own (nursery is hard enough to make her stay without me) but she didn't care that I left. She just gave me a kiss and told me goodbye. She also has a cousin that is staying here for a few weeks and they enrolled her with Halle. She has been so excited to go and show Lilly the preschool they would be going to. She sure was a happy girl. I don't know how I feel about it though. I didn't know if I wanted to send her because she is only three...but she has been asking since Brinley went to preschool two years ago so I figured she needed something as well. My house sure is quiet without her here and I miss her when she is gone. I wondered what I was going to do without any children around but so far I have found plenty.

Halle and Lilly in front of their preschool.


Halle all ready to go (lately whenever I tell her to smile, she has to pull a funny face or a crazy smile. I just love this girl!)
I'm sure Halle was telling Lilly what she was supposed to be doing here!

Ready to go into school!

Walking into school holding hands. They are so cute together, they just love to be together and believe me, they can be pretty imaginative when they are together. It has been fun having someone so close to Halle's age live here. She always has a friend to play with!