Sunday, November 2, 2008

San Diego Trip

A few weeks ago I was able to take a trip with a few of my high school friends to San Diego. It was lots of fun and quite an adventure! We were planning on staying in this beautiful beach house in Imperial Beach. When we got there we were quite taken back by it...and not because of it's beauty! Here is Darci standing by the free T.V. outside our condo. Ours is the one to the left. Andrea did so good to book all of this for us! But we didn't know what we were getting ourselves in to! We got there and we were a little nervous once we drove into Imperial Beach. Let's just say that is was just like Tijuana! We had scary men yelling things at us and trying to take our picture! As soon as we saw our room we booked it out of there! Thank goodness for Darci's bravery cause the rest of us were chickens and we didn't dare tell the people how disgusting our room was. I don't think that anyone had stayed there for a few months and after seeing it, I know why!

Andrea, Me and Darci at Seaport Village

The next day was a lot better. We found ourselves a nice CLEAN, safe hotel room! We went to Coronado Island, and Seaport Village. I loved the sand at Coronado Island! I don't think Darci loved it as much as the rest of us! She got stung by a "no-see-um" jellyfish (as the lifeguard called it). She was even out of the water trying to take our picture and all of a sudden she her foot started stinging. She was in a lot of pain, so she sent me running after the lifeguard (I'm sure it was a sight to see, a pregnant lady running after the lifeguard)while Andrea and Kristi were busy picking up sand dollars. (That never even made it very far after all.......Darci!)

Darci, John, and Andrea

We had a funny experience at the temple. We were all wanting to go see the temple so we were so excited when we found it! We went in and hiked to the top of the hill to take some pictures and out walked one of our friends from high school. We had no idea that he was even working there at the temple. It was so funny! I haven't seen him since we graduated. It was fun to talk to him and he told us some good places to go!

This was probably my favorite beach, Coronado. I loved the glittery sand. It made me want to take my girls there someday. They would of loved it!

Darci getting some advice from the lifeguard! He told us what to put on her foot. We had to get ammonia and meat tenderizer and mix it with water! Crazy! It was a lot of fun! I was a little worried about leaving my kids for 5 days, but it was fun to get away! I had a hard time leaving them. I don't know who was more ot them. I cried the morning before and I didn't think that I wanted to go anymore. I am so glad that I did...we made lots of fun memories that we can laugh about now looking back. My kids did fine without me, but they were ready for me to come home when I did! Thanks, girls for the fun trip. Can't wait to do it again!