Sunday, July 27, 2008

All good things have to come to an end!

So we have had quite an eventful summer so far. With both of my sisters here with their kids, we have had a lot of things planned and my kids have had so much fun playing with their cousins. They have all gone home now and my kids are asking every few minutes what fun things we have planned. It is hard to keep them entertained after having something planned everyday! Wish me luck with the last few weeks of summer! Warning: There are a lot of pictures to follow, and I even narrowed a lot of them out. (Thanks Jen for letting me steal some pictures off your blog:)

Picking raspberries and then eating and enjoying themAt our sleepover at our house!

Playing in the water at gateway!
J.Y, Nate and Hannah We rode the front runner to gateway and shopped and played in the water. It was J.Y.'s birthday and he LOVES trains.

Hailey and Halle riding on the front runner

Johnny, Conner, Brinley and J.Y. on front runner

Brinley playing the water

Brinley and J.Y. playing in the water at gateway!

Playing laser tag for Alec's birthday!

Roasting hot dogs in the canyon!

Swimming at the pool!

(Brinley, Conner, Alec, Hailey and Halle)

They love to dress the same! They called each other and planned it!

The girl cousins had the same dress on for church! And we couldn't forget Conner!

Playing night games and eating ice cream! Jen taught them to play kick the can. It was quite a hit. Now my kids want to play all the time. Thanks Jen!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun at the fun park!

Then we went and had lunch with my brother at his favorite restaurant and then to the fun park. Our kids had a great time. They played laser tag, in the soft play and we even tried skating. I have wanted to take my girls skating for a long time but I can never convince Nate that it would be fun. Jen, Cam and I even rented some skates and staked with them. They didn't last very long and they got a little frustrated but I thought it was fun. It has been a long time since I have been on skates and it was fun! I think I may tell Nate that is what I want for my birthday! :)

J.Y and Brinley coming down the slide


Halle on her skates

Hannah and Hailey

It was so funny to watch them come down. They would sit side by side and tumble down by the time they got to the bottom. But it never stopped them from going again and again!

Bowling like pros!

Then it was off to bowling with Mag and her kids. They had a lot of fun and they really bowled pretty good! It was fun watching them get so excited. We divided them up into two teams and they had fun competing with each other. We also brought along my cousin Taylor and she was a good sport to help with the kids as well. Halle ended up with the highest score, thanks to Mag's professionally bowling help! Then we had to go and get an ice cream cone from working up such a sweat!

Brinley and Taylor
The gang bowling

Emjoying the ice cream!

Maddy's birthday party!

Next we had a birthday party for my niece Maddy! She wanted a craft party at the park. It was so much fun! My kids LOVED it! My sister is very creative and she had them make decorate bug boxes and then they went on a bug hunt and found plastic bugs to put inside. (They were those bugs that you put in water and they grow. Let's just say that I am still finding them all over my house. My girls put them in the water and then take them out about 20 times a day! Thanks Jen!:) ). Then she had a cute butterfly pinata. All the kids got to take a swing at it and they thought it was lots of fun! After it was presents and cake and ice cream! Thanks Maddy for having such a fun birthday party. We are so glad that we got to celebrate your birthday with you! We love you!
Showing off their bug boxes

Halle taking a swing at the pinata

Brinley swinging at the pinata

Maddy, Brinley and Halle with her cute butterfly cake!

4th of July

Okay, so I am so behind on my pictures and with dial up it takes soooo long to post. I have had my sisters here from out of town and I feel like we have not been home at all. My kids have played and played with their cousins every chance they get. Nate's family is also here and so it we have had a crazy but nonetheless fun week! First I am going to start with the Fourth of July. We started off by going to a yummy breakfast at my aunts house. It was so fun to see all my cousins and let my kids get reintroduced to their kids. It is always fun to see them and get caught up on their lives.
Later that night we went and had a BBQ at my parents with my sisters and my grandparents. Then it was off to see the fireworks. My sisters were both so smart and they brought glow sticks for the kids to play with. They were quite the hit! (Thanks Mag and Jen... glad that you are so smart!:)). It was a busy day but I think that my kids had a lot of fun and I guess that is what is most important, right?

The 2nd cousins eating at the breakfast

Gibson swinging the kids in the hammock

Waiting for the fireworks to start with their glowsticks

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A weekend in Bear Lake!

Last weekend we went to Bear Lake. Nate's parents built a house there and they are so nice to let us use it. We took my parents and my sister's family over there. It is my kids favorite place to go. Halle always begs us to go and then they cry when it is time to leave.

Halle looking through the fence

Nate loves to ride the four-wheelers and so do our kids. They beg to go on a ride with him
My dad striking a pose for the camera.
Hailey and Brinley
Halle and Brinley trying to hula-hoop. It was so funny to watch their hips move and try to keep up the hula hoops.

Our Family
Nate getting in the only golf he has been able to this year.
Brinley and Halle wearing Grandma's hat.

Thanks grandma and grandpa for letting us go and stay in your house. We had a lot of fun and we can't wait until we get to go back!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our exciting adventure to the Bird refuge...

My sister is here from out of town with her kids and we decided to make the trip to the bird refuge. We heard that it was a fun place to take kids and that they would be able to spend a few hours entertained there. Let's just say it may be a while before we head back. After about 15 minutes we were all wondering what we were missing. Our kids had fun running around the swampy area that went on forever. We finally convinced them that it all looked the same and that we were going.

Halle and Brinley measuring their arm length.

Hannah, Brinley, Conner, Halle and Alec holding puzzle pieces.
Hailey, Hannah, Alec, Halle, Brinley and Conner
We have family here until the end of July and my kids are loving playing with all their cousins! It has been fun but a little crazy! Lots more pictures to follow!