Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catching Up......

I have not been very motivated to keep up on this blog lately. I guess we don't live very exciting lives around here! But I can say that I am now 36 weeks....and COUNTING!! Yea! This pregnancy actually has gone by VERY fast. We just finished painting the nursery yesterday. My girls have been begging to put the crib up. Especially Halle...she has asked at least 4 or 5 times a day when we get to get the crib ready. She even thought that she would help me with the painting when I ran to the store and left Nate in charge. I had just finished priming Halle's BRIGHT pink walls and the girls were in the tub. I thought about telling them NOT to go in there because I had left a roller covered in plastic until I got back to finish another coat. Then I thought, "No, I better not tell them, it might spark a little idea in Halle's head. Well while I was at the store Nate called and told me that I was probably going to have to paint the ceiling again and I KNEW what had happened. Halle had got out of the tub and decided she was going to climb on the ladder and help with the ceiling. Which I was not going to paint because it has just been done when we moved in a year ago and it looked great! Nate got a picture of her up on the ladder painting the ceiling with the roller. I was going to put it on here because it is pretty funny now...but it shows her bare bum and I don't know who is looking at this blog! I can laugh about it now but that day I didn't find it very amusing!
So last night they planned to do it for family night! It was so cute to watch them get so excited to get everything out and ready. Halle has arranged all the drawers and got some diapers out and stacked them neatly in the diaper stacker. She is going to be a HUGE help. Brinley is excited, but I think she gets a little nervous when she thinks about her place in this whole situation. She cried when we first told her and she has made little comments every since about us not loving her as much when he comes. But the other night she did tell me that she can't wait to help me get him in his pajamas and ready for bed. As I was laying in bed talking to her to other night she told me that when the baby comes, I am not going to tuck her in anymore! Oh my sensitive little Brinley! I worry about her. We put them in the same room and they share a bed now. I have had to lay in there until one of them goes to sleep, and she told me that as soon as this baby comes, I won't do that anymore. She is very good with other babies and just loves them. I know once it comes she will think it is Great! Her teacher at school showed them a picture of her new little granddaughter and she was so excited to come home and tell me all about her! So hopefully she will feel the same about our new addition!
As for names, we are still trying to find one that we can both agree on. We are naming him after Nate's grandpa, so the middle name has to be Arlow. I have always loved Aidan, but Nate isn't so set on the name. We both like Jaxon, and Nate really wants Boston or Cole. So if anyone has any great suggestions..I am taking them! I need some opinions and soon! Boy names have been very hard for me to love. I had about 10 girls names already chosen. We have a list of about 10-15 names, but none that I am totally set on!
Well that has been all that we have been doing lately. Here are a few pictures because I know that a post without pictures is not fun!

Halle dressed up ready to cook!

Brinley and Halle LOVE to look at hair blogs. We found a hair blog with a hair do for Valentines day and they both begged to have their hair done this way. It is supposed to be a heart! I did Brinley's this way to, I just forgot to take a picture! Oops!

Nothing much to say about this picture, I just thought it was cute of her and I had a lot of Halle already!

When my family was all here we took the kids sledding and to Hardware Ranch! They had so much fun...but I don't know who had more fun them or us laughing at Johnny's snow suit! He got in in High School and he still PROUDLY wears it!

HARDWARE RANCH- The kids had fun seeing all the elk. All the kids had to have a turn on Cam's shoulders. They LOVE their Uncles, especially the all the teasing they get from them!

Sorry about all the pictures. Maybe my next post will be some without all the snow and something to do with Spring or this baby. Wish me Luck!