Monday, June 16, 2008

So Long our to our beautiful pink cast

Brinley got her cast off today. It was quite an adventure. She is my little timid girl that is afraid of everything and worries about everything. She was so happy going in there and we prepared her that she might not get it off. It had been on 4 weeks and they wanted to re-xray it to see how it had healed. When we were waiting there she was asking all kind of questions on how they were going to get it off. Nate told her that they tied a rope around her cast and they tied the other end to the car and drove really fast and hopefully just the cast would come off without any of her fingers. (You would think with as much as he teases her she would get used to it but...nope!) We told her that they sawed it off and her eyes got really big. I tried to explain to her that the sound might be a little scary, but it was not going to hurt a bit. I thought that I had prepared her really well with what was next. No Way! She was okay until they got the saw close to her and they she freaked. I don't know who was crying louder though...Halle or Brinley. Halle was so upset that they were going to cut off her arm. It was quite a scene and everyone asked if she was okay when we came out. She really cried and I thought she was just being a little dramatic about it, but when they got the cast off, she really did get a few cuts from the saw.

Before the crying began....
Thinking that this is going to be a piece of cake!
Cutting her cast off!
She was so happy to have it off!
After they cut it off, they x-rayed it. The doctor said it wasn't quite healed and I think that he would of put another one on her, but he couldn't stand the look on her face when she heard it wasn't all the way healed. She was so happy when he told her to just stay off her bike and the trampoline for a few more weeks. She could handle that. So instead of any of that we went swimming. She has been asking since she got out of school if we could go and I didn't want to take her and have mold grow inside of her cast. So here are my girls at their first swim of the summer....

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Bicycle Bandits

Yesterday was Carol's birthday. My kids had wanted to go on a bike ride and then ride over to see grandma. We went over and she was at a meeting. We decided to go kidnap her and take her to get some ice cream. The girls went in and got her from her meeting with these masks on and they made her cover her eyes. They woulnd't let her take it off until we got to our destination. She is such a good sport!Halle, Grandma and Brinley. They were trying to lead her down the stairs.
Eating Ice Cream at Peach City
Grandpa wanted to ride in the back of the van. He rode there the entire way home!
Halle learning to ride her "big" bike
Brinley is proud that she has learned to ride a bike
Bicycle Bandits

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Anyone for some yummy rock soup?!?

We were working in our yard today and the girls were outside playing with us. They had been playing so good and then they showed us what they were working on....Rock Soup. Yummy! They were so proud of the recipe and they had to call their grandparents over for a taste! Call Brinley if you want this delicious recipe...doesn't it look good?
Having a little taste of the concoction.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Halle as a ballerina...

Ever since Brinley started taking dance, Halle has asked when she got to take dance. I kept telling her that she could after she turned three. On her 3rd birthday in March, I found her changing her clothes into some of Brinley's dance clothes. She told me that now she was three she was getting ready for dance. So I found this dance class that was a series for four days and I let her try it out to see if she really would like it. The first dance class she just kind of sat and stared at the teacher like she was really weird. By the end of the class, she was starting to join in a little bit. The last day she had a little program and we went and watched. She actually did the steps and seemed to enjoy it. They did a little ballet to Sleeping Beauty and Halle was one of the fairies.

Being a princess
They dressed up like princesses and danced.

"twirling like a princess"

Halle and her teacher Miss Michelle

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Life after Kindergarten....

This is for you Carol.....this is what I went outside to find the other day. My mother-in-law does foot zoning. (She rubs feet and she is into the essential oils) Brinley and Halle were rubbing each other's feet and they had gotten cups of water and it was their "oil". It was so cute to see Brinley rubbing Halle's feet and talking to her like she has heard her grandma talk to her as she rubs her feet.
Life is so hard......