Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving and more!

Yes now that it is December I am posting about our Thanksgiving. I have been pretty busy with a few Christmas projects...they have consumed all my time. We did have a fun Thanksgiving and I can't believe that it is December and now almost Christmas. I always have such big plans and then Christmas comes and the craziness begins. I just wished the season lasted a little longer!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here is Jax after he had found Brinley's Halloween bag and SHOVED his mouth full of cookies. He thought he was so funny....and I just thought he was so cute.

We got to have our niece stay with us for a while. We had so much fun with her! Here they are getting ready for the costume parade at Brinley's school.

Cutest little dragon

We took the kids to the Halloween carnival at Briney's school on Friday. They had so much fun, but we had to leave early because we had another Halloween party to go to.

He is probably thinking "please get me out of this thing. I can't move." But he sure looks cute in it!

The cutest High School Musical Cheerleader, Peach City car hop/50's girl and dragon that I have ever seen! LOVE these kiddos of mine~

We had a fun Halloween this year. Jaxston wasn't sure about his costume, but it sure kept him warm. My girls were so excited to go trick-or-treating to all the houses. They are what make life so fun! I love to watch their reactions to things and how excited they get.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bear Lake and Conference Weekend.....

Over Conference weekend we headed to good old bear lake. My girls were so excited! We have not got very much use out of it this year. They LOVE to go there and it never gets old for them. This time it was chilly, but very peaceful.

Pretty soon Jaxston was fast asleep in this swing. We had to ride back on the 4 wheelers with him asleep on Nate's shoulder. He did stay asleep though!

More pictures on the swing

Jaxston's first 4 Wheeler ride. (No, he really didn't ride in the bumbo on the front) Nate just wanted it to look that way! :)

We didn't have a helmet for him so Nate put Halle's bike helmet on. He was a good sport and didn't bother it.
It was such a fun weekend. We feel so blessed to have a place to go and get away from daily life. I couldn't figure out why my kids LOVED to go there even in the winter because there isn't much to do. (Then I thought maybe it is because they have all our attention....guess I need to give them a little more of my time. I need to be reminded of that every now and then). All in all it was a fun little weekend getaway. Just what we needed at our house! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Look what I can do!!!

Jax is six months now! He learned to sit up by himself a few weeks ago. He feels so big now! When we go to the grocery store he loves to sit in the cart. You can see it in his eyes that he feels like such a big kid. He still is an excellent baby and very happy. He LOVES his hands, especially his thumbs. He puts his two thumbs together and is always playing with his hands. He also has learned how to make noises with his tongue. It is the cutest thing. I love this age and I love to see his facial expressions as he experiences new things everyday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halle's first day of preschool!

Halle had her first day of preschool a few weeks ago..but I am just now posting them. She made sure to let me know that I needed to take her picture...just like I took Brinleys on her first day....and then put them on our blog. She is such a funny girl. She sure knows what she wants and lets it be known! The other morning I had just finished running on the treadmill in enough time to tell her to grab her backpack and run out the door. Halle looked at me and said "Mom, will you please change your clothes and get ready, that doesn't look so good." I told her that I didn't have time today. She then asked me if I would walk her to the door but only to the door so no one would see me. When I got out of the car she rad ahead and then came back and said, "It's okay, mom the door is closed no one will see you. You can walk me..but only to the door so they don't see you." Leave it to Halle to let you know if you aren't looking your best or if something looks good on you. She is a very honest little girl and lets us know what she thinks. She is very opinionated and I have had to take many clothes back because she won't wear them. I never had this problem with Brinley and I still don't. I tell her what to wear and she does it. But they have always been so different and that is what makes life fun....right? So if Halle tells you that something looks good you must really look good!
From now on I really try to get my exercising and shower before I take her to school! If not, she looks at me and says, "You're not going like that are you?" I thought that I was going to be the one saying that! :)

Halle and dad!

Walking into school!

Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Day of School!

Well here are the many first day of school pictures for Brinley. (I just couldn't decide which ones I wanted for my you get to see them all!) She was so excited and ready. She got up early and woke Halle up to her singing High School Musical songs at 6:00. Halle wasn't so appreciative to it though. She did let me take her, but she still worried if she was going to be late. She was nervous going into class, but she had quite a few friends in her class, so I know she will have fun. Her teacher is awesome! For some reason I was more tearful this year then last. I just have a hard time with them growing up and not being so little. I really love having them home with me. Maybe I am a little selfish. It sure makes it a little easier when they are so excited and ready to go. Halle starts next week, so I am sure that I will post more then. As for now...I am caught up. Whew! That was a lot of posts to get through! Now I am going to bed!

Cowabunga Bay

So as our last summer fling we got some discount passes and went to the new water park in Draper. It was a lot of fun! We spent the whole day there, but they sale 4 hour passes and I think we could of got everything in, in those four hours. I was a little worried about taking Jaxston, but he was so good. He would just nap in his stroller when he got tired. He loved the lazy river and the kiddie pool because the water was warm! It was a fun family outing together. I really like having my kids home and I am not ready to send them off to school again. Ready or not...right?

Nate talked me into taking Jaxston down this LITTLE slide. It was small, but the water that got in his face wasn't. He did not like it at all!

Here is how he spent most of his day. Oh, the lazy days of summer. Too bad they are gone!

Brinley and Halle loved all the water slides. I was surprised that they went down every one of them.

They have it decorated so fun and very cute. I loved the bright colors!

Odds and ends!

This is what happens when Halle gets the camera!

Man I am getting tired of all these posts. So congrats if you have made it through them. This is my journal so I need to write these things down for my records. These are just a few cute pictures that we took and I wanted to include them. I guess this many posts will teach me to stay caught up....then again maybe not!

Just a cute smile from little Jax!

Trying to snuggle Jax. I don't think that the feeling is mutual. Do you?

Brinley and Halle got roller skates and they wanted to roller skate outside since they had only been trying them inside and on the carpet. Well Halle came in and asked if I had a bum pad for Brinley so she wouldn't hurt her bottom. I jokingly told her to tape a pillow to her bum, not thinking she would actually want to. Well here are the pictures to prove it. It was kind of fun taping her up because then when they were done they were kind of stuck, until I decided to help them!