Sunday, May 25, 2008


So I feel as if I have posted all about Brinley and nothing about Halle. Mainly it is because Brinley has been so busy with school programs, dance recitals and singing performances that she has been the star of my blog. So I felt like I needed to post something about Halle and the funny little girl that she is. She sure makes our lives fun and she definitely knows how to make us all laugh. This may be a kind of random post, but I wanted to record some of the funny things that she has done lately. The other day Brinley and Halle were playing while I was trying to clean up the house a little. They had been in their room for quite a while and I thought it was great they were getting along so well. The reason was because Halle was letting Brinley get her all ready for her "wedding". Halle came out dressed like this with bows in her hair and her make-up done, courtesy of Brinley. She told me that she was getting married and the conversation went a little like this:

Me: Oh, what are you doing?
Halle: I'm getting ready for my wedding?
Me: And who are you marrying?
Halle: Oh, just my boyfriend?
Me: Oh, you have a boyfriend?
Halle: Yes. He has a cabin in Bear Lake. (We had been talking about going to Nate's parents
cabin for the weekend and one of Halle's very favorite places to go).

Here she is with her hair and make-up done by Brinley, all ready for her wedding. Isn't she just GORGEOUS?

She definitely got her sense of style from her dad!

Earlier that day we were at my parents house and I had showed her and Brinley my wedding dress. Brinley was oohing and ahhing over how BEAUTIFUL it was. Halle didn't say a word for a few seconds...then she looked at me and said, "I don't like white, I think white is ugly. When I get married I am going to have a blue, purple and red dresses and I am going to get married lots and lots of times." She was so serious! Sometimes I wonder where the thoughts in her little head come from. She is so opinionated! (Gee...wonder where that comes from....Nate?!?)

Then the other day Nate had taken them with him to fill up our propane tank. He left them in the car because the store was only a few feet from where he was going and he could keep a good eye on them. He was waiting in line to have the attendant come out and fill it, and it looks out the window and there is Halle hanging halfway out the window. He noticed that a few cars had driven by and stopped and looked at her and then went on their way. So he went outside and there she was yellingout the drivers side window....."STOP, I WANT TO SEE YOUR MOM!" We don't have any idea where that came from but it sure made us laugh! She is such a fun addition to our family and we wonder what we would do without her humor. I think my life was very boring before she came!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Brinley and Halle doing the laundry??

The other day I was putting away the laundry and I came into the laundry room to this. At least they weren't fighting...right? I was just starting to wonder why it was so quiet.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brinley's new Pink accessory

We made another trip to Provo this weekend and stayed with Nate's sister again. This time we came home with a broken arm. Brinley was getting off the trampoline and missed the chair they use to get on and off. Nate and I weren't there at the time and his sister called to tell us that she had hurt her arm. We hurried back, and she was still crying. Cindy told us that she thought it was broken, but Nate kept telling her that she doesn't have a very high pain tolerance (which she really doesn't). We gave her some medicine and about 20 minutes later, she was out playing on the trampoline again. So we thought that she was fine. Well later that night, she went to use her wrist and she screamed in pain. But she really didn't cry much after that so I thought maybe it was just sprained. She wouldn't use it to do anything, so Monday morning I decided to take her into the doctor. While we were walking in, she showed me that she could bend it just fine. So I thought that this was going to be a waste of a doctors appointment and they were going to think I was this over-protective parent that brings my child in for anything and everything. (I know a few of those from working at the clinic). Halle was having a harder time with Brinley going to the doctor then she was. Halle had been crying about it all morning and wondering what was going to happen to Brinley's arm. Well the doctor looked at it and he told us that we needed to x-ray it, but he thought it was broken just from looking at it. So we x-rayed it and sure enough it was broken. Obviously, from the pictures she was very upset and DID NOT want a cast. She was trying to get down when he came in to put the cast on. My mom was her nurse and she couldn't even calm her down very much. I would be scared to see how much worse she would of been if my mom wasn't the one helping put it on. She did not like the doctor after that, but she still LOVES her grandma!

Brinley getting her cast put on. (Dr. Matthews, my mom and Brinley)

Brinley crying about getting a cast

Nate trying to console her about getting a cool PINK cast.

Here she is a little happier about having a cast.

Showing off her pink cast

Brinley and Halle

Halle is loving giving Brinley lots of help and attention. She loves it that Brinley can't do everything and that she actually gets to help her out a little.

Brinley was so upset and it was very hard to get her calmed down. She wasn't crying because she was in pain, we found out afterwards. I asked her if she was excited to show everyone her new cast at school. She started crying and said that she didn't want to go back to school because no one else would have one on their arm. You see, Brinley doesn't like any special attention at school and she hates to be any different from anyone.

Nate also hurt his toe last time we were in Provo and it had been bothering him so they took an x-ray of it as well. I had been telling him that he was fine and that nothing was wrong. Come to find out, he had a broken toe and if it would of been broken a few millimeters higher on his toe, then he would of been in a cast as well. He kept asking me if I felt bad that I was telling him that he was just fine, no I didn't feel too bad I just thought that he wanted me to give him a little more attention.

Kindergarten Graduation

Halle, Paige and Brinley

Kayla and Brinley

Last week Brinley had her kindergarten graduation. They sang songs and Brinley even had a speaking part. She had to say something into the microphone with her friend Cora and she actually did it! We were surprised that she did because she is a little shy. She did a great job! Brinley is getting a little anxious for summer to come, she is counting down the days until summer. Getting up early is starting to wear on her and a little on me too. I am excited to have her home every day again.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hyde Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

Hyde Look-alike Meter

I found this website and I thought that I would give it a try. It was fun to see who they thought my kids looked like. What do you think? I am told that Brinley looks like me more often, but I also hear that she looks like Nate as well. I think she looks more like my side and Halle looks like Nate. Who knows though! Halle reminds me of my niece Liza on Nate's side a lot! I also get told that Brinley looks like both of my sisters.......very interesting and fun to see. It surprises me that they came from the same parents because they have opposite personalities! Give it a try!

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brinley's Dance Recital

I know I have been posting a lot lately. We have had a lot going on these past few weeks! Brinley had her dance recital last night. She did two dances, the first dance was her jazz dance and they did it to "Fabulous" from High School Musical. The second dance they did was tap and it was to "Rockin' Robin". It was very cute! She got to be dance partners with her friend Kortney so she was very excited about that! Kayla, Halle, Kortney and Brinley.
They are our friends kids and they are the same ages. Our kids LOVE to play with them. Halle and Kayla actually get along very well for 3 year olds. I think it is because they both have the same minds and they can think up some great ideas together! :)

Brinley and Halle

(No, Halle really doesn't take a binki, it is her Cabbage Patch Dolls and she wouldn't take it out and I wasn't in the mood to argue! I have learned I have to pick my battles with her)Brinley

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring TaVaci Concert

Brinley had her spring Tavaci (singing group) concert today. She did a great job! She really loves to sing and perform.

This is Brinley posing in the dressing room. I didn't tell her how to pose. She is really into posing herself every time we take a picture. Don't know where she got that from???

Isn't she so cute?

Brinley in her TaVaci costume. She sang about five or six songs. She sang, "All for one" from High School Musical 2, and then the reprise as well. She also sang "Only in America" (the country song), Honk shoo, (they came out in night time hats, which she had to wear to bed that night to "keep her head warm", and they dedicated it to their grandpas. It was a song about their grandpa's snoring...very cute). I can't remember the rest, but she did a great job and it is so fun seeing the things she is learning. She really loves TaVaci more then anything she has ever done. We are so proud of her!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Trip to the Farm....

Today we went with Brinley on her kindergarten field trip to a dairy farm. It rained and rained while we were at the dairy farm and it was very wet and muddy. I decided after going to the farm that I am definitely not a farm girl.....sorry Nate. (It's his dream to own cows) But it was fun to see how a dairy farm is ran. Brinley and Halle didn't like the smells and they said that they do not want cows anymore.

Chylee, Cora and Brinley

Brinley, Halle and Kayla riding in the tractor

After the farm, we went to Willow Park. We had our lunch there at the park. There was not very many animals to see, but they had fun walking and see birds, more birds and more different kinds of birds. It was a fun day even though it was rainy and cold! We had fun spending the day with Brinley and her friends!

Brinley and her friends acting like monkeys at Willow Park.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Butterfly Hunting

This last weekend we went and stayed in Provo with Nate's sister, Cindy. Our kids had so much fun, they didn't want to leave. They love her kids and Cindy always has something fun planned for them. She took them butterfly hunting, to the movies, and to the park quite a few times. She is always so good to take our kids and makes sure that Nate and I go out while we are there. They are such a great family! Thanks for the fun time Smith's. Here are a few pictures of the butterfly hunt.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Welcome to our blog!!!

Well I finally broke down and started a blog. I have really enjoyed reading everyone elses and now I have been convinced that it is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. (I know Andrea, you are laughing right now). I am not good at keeping a journal so I am hoping this will help me to keep better record. I am still trying to figure it all out, so I need all the input I can get. You see, neither Nate nor I are computer savvy, so we are still learning at this. If anyone could tell me where everyone gets their cute blog pages or how to create my own I would love to know. I am still trying to figure that one out. Thanks for visiting!