Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jaxston's Special Day

Isn't he handsome? We sure think so!!

We blessed Jaxston last Sunday...Mother's day. What a great day it was! I felt so lucky to share this day with him. I feel so blessed to have these children in my family. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I have been trusted to raise them....and little scary! Nate did a fantastic job during the blessing. He got choked up right at the beginning after he said his name. (We named him after Nate's great-grandpa, who Nate thinks the world of. He died right after we were dating so I didn't ever meet him but I have always felt his spirit and the many lives that he touched. I felt honored to name Jaxston after him.) So anyways, Nate had a hard time through the blessing but he did an excellent job! I am so proud of him and I feel so blessed to have this special spirit in our home. We didn't think we were going to be able to have any more kids and I feel like he was sent here for a specific purpose. He is so much fun and just a little spoiled to say the least! I just can't get enough of him. I could hold him all day long and be content.

This is how he felt before his special day even began!

A little upset that I was taking pictures and not holding him!

My Cute Family
~ Which I DO NOT like this picture of me at all, but I had to include at least one of us! (Isn't Halle's facial expressions so funny! She looks just a little upset to be in this picture. She was ready to play with the cousins!) I had a very special mothers day! We had so many family and friends that came and supported us and we feel very blessed! Thanks to everyone who came and made this day special for us! Sorry to those who couldn't make it. I know it was kind of hard because of Mothers day. We missed you and wished you could be there (especially my really need to move a little closer!)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brinley;s school Opera and Jaxston turns 6 weeks!!!!!!

I had to include this picture of Halle. She always has a funny face to add or she has to pose a certain way, she can't just SIT for a normal picture!

Brinley's 1st grade class performed their opera this last week. She was so excited and was counting down the days. Last fall when they were writing it and choosing the parts she told her teacher that she did not want to have a speaking part. She was very shy about getting in front of anyone. Then when it came time, she told me that she wished she would have chosen a speaking part. She told her teacher, "I am not scared at all, I've done this a million times." I just love her 1st grade teacher, she has done so much to help Brinley progress and not be so timid. I will be very sad when this year is over.

This was the set that they painted themselves. She was very proud of it. Nate went and helped them paint it because I had just had the baby. (He is very good to help out in her class and the kids in her class love him!) Anyways the kids write the Opera and the songs and then the perform it all from memory. Brinley was a girl in the opera. It was called "Dirty water, Clean Water." It was about a small town that needed some water because it hadn't rained. They found a way to make some clean water. It was very cute and she did an excellent job! Her teacher told me that when they were practicing and someone was absent, she would call on Brinley to play their part, because she knew every one's part. (I guess it is okay for me to be a proud mom once in a while)

My mom brought Brinley a rose after the first performance and she was very proud of it. It had to be in every picture and then she had to take it that night to show her teacher. Nate had ordered her some flowers for that night as well. He didn't even know that my mom gave her any and I didn't even have to hint to him either. I was very surprised! She was so excited and could not wait to get home to put them in water. She has them sitting in her room, displayed very proudly! (I love that Halle has to be in every picture with Brinley, and she has to pull some crazy faces!)

On other news...Jax is 6 weeks old already! I can't believe it! It makes me a little sad! I love the newborn stage and he is just about out of it! We just love him more and more everyday!

Friday, May 1, 2009

5 weeks....

He likes to scowl a little, but he still is a happy little guy!

He has been smiling for a few weeks. It is so fun to see him recognize us and smile!

Our girls begged me to let them fed him a bottle. They were thrilled to be able to feed him! Such good helpers they are!