Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Day of School!

Well here are the many first day of school pictures for Brinley. (I just couldn't decide which ones I wanted for my you get to see them all!) She was so excited and ready. She got up early and woke Halle up to her singing High School Musical songs at 6:00. Halle wasn't so appreciative to it though. She did let me take her, but she still worried if she was going to be late. She was nervous going into class, but she had quite a few friends in her class, so I know she will have fun. Her teacher is awesome! For some reason I was more tearful this year then last. I just have a hard time with them growing up and not being so little. I really love having them home with me. Maybe I am a little selfish. It sure makes it a little easier when they are so excited and ready to go. Halle starts next week, so I am sure that I will post more then. As for now...I am caught up. Whew! That was a lot of posts to get through! Now I am going to bed!

Cowabunga Bay

So as our last summer fling we got some discount passes and went to the new water park in Draper. It was a lot of fun! We spent the whole day there, but they sale 4 hour passes and I think we could of got everything in, in those four hours. I was a little worried about taking Jaxston, but he was so good. He would just nap in his stroller when he got tired. He loved the lazy river and the kiddie pool because the water was warm! It was a fun family outing together. I really like having my kids home and I am not ready to send them off to school again. Ready or not...right?

Nate talked me into taking Jaxston down this LITTLE slide. It was small, but the water that got in his face wasn't. He did not like it at all!

Here is how he spent most of his day. Oh, the lazy days of summer. Too bad they are gone!

Brinley and Halle loved all the water slides. I was surprised that they went down every one of them.

They have it decorated so fun and very cute. I loved the bright colors!

Odds and ends!

This is what happens when Halle gets the camera!

Man I am getting tired of all these posts. So congrats if you have made it through them. This is my journal so I need to write these things down for my records. These are just a few cute pictures that we took and I wanted to include them. I guess this many posts will teach me to stay caught up....then again maybe not!

Just a cute smile from little Jax!

Trying to snuggle Jax. I don't think that the feeling is mutual. Do you?

Brinley and Halle got roller skates and they wanted to roller skate outside since they had only been trying them inside and on the carpet. Well Halle came in and asked if I had a bum pad for Brinley so she wouldn't hurt her bottom. I jokingly told her to tape a pillow to her bum, not thinking she would actually want to. Well here are the pictures to prove it. It was kind of fun taping her up because then when they were done they were kind of stuck, until I decided to help them!

Jaxston's first cereal feeding!

Just a quick post about Jaxston. He is now eating cereal and he LOVES it. These are pictures of the first time we fed him. He doesn't look so sure in the top picture, but he does like it now. He always has A LOT of help from his sisters. Brinley always says she wishes that she got some of the jars of fruit for dessert. I told her that I am going to pack a few for her lunch at school this next week. We'll see how much she eats them at school!

Trip to the fish farm 2009

Hailey showing her fish

While my sister was here we had to make the annual trip to the trout farm. It is always a favorite of the grand kids and this time was no different. It was very entertaining watching Hailey hold the fish while they squirmed. She was braver then my kids and even braver then her older brother. She had to help take some of the fish off the hook for him. She is such a funny little girl! I love to hear the things that come out of her mouth....except when she teaches my kids things that they have never heard of. (Sorry Mag, but it was pretty funny!)

This is what happens when I turn around and pay attention to another child. He almost got his first taste of Diet Coke (Thanks Cam!) but Nate put a stop to that before it started!

Proudly showing the fish they caught. They only caught two then they just liked watching the other kids get their fish and have to take it off the pole. They DID NOT like touching the squirming fish. I have to say that I don't blame them! Thanks mom and dad for the fun trip to the fish farm. I bet you are STILL enjoying that YUMMY trout for dinner! :)

Grandpa and Grandma's 80th Birthday!

Justin taking the grandkids for a ride!

So we had an 80th birthday party celebration for my grandparents last month. (I am now just getting around to post about it.) All of my family from that side were there. It was a miracle since we live all over! We have not all been together for a long time, probably years. It was so fun to catch up with my cousins and get together and see their cute families. It was a surprise for my grandparents (I think they knew, but they cure acted surprised!). They didn't know that we would all be there. We had a dinner Friday night and then played a little game where we learned some fun things about them that I didn't know.
Then Saturday we had family pictures. In the afternoon we had a barbecue with everyone at my Aunt's house. It was so fun to be together as a family again. I really am blessed to have the family that I do. I sure wish that my sister lived a little closer though. I always get so sad when they have to leave. My kids love to play with their cousins and I wish they could see them more.
It was fun to be with my grandparents and think of all they have done for me in my life. They are great examples to me and I just love them. They have always been so supportive of everything that I have done. They came to countless dance recitals, piano recitals and anything else that I was involved in even though I know they would of rather been somewhere else. I only wish I can be the kind of people they are...someday!

Grandpa and Grandma...acting surprised!!!

Nate made a bow for Jaxston and one for my grandpa to wear. They were both such good sports!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bear Lake Raspberry Days

Okay so this is my last post for today. Don't worry I am almost caught up. It is making me tired but this is my journal so I need to record these things. Sorry for the many posts!

On our way home from Island Park, we decided to go to Bear Lake and stay at Nate's parents place for Raspberry Days. It was our first time going this summer. We usually go quite often so it had been a while. This is a picture of the girls at one of the booths at the craft fair. The girls were dressed up as the princesses and my girls loved it!

This is Jaxstons first swim. Here he is showing off his new suit. Isn't he adorable?

He went from this:

to this!
He liked it for about 10 minutes. I can't say I blame him cause I even thought that the water was kind of cold. Nate kept saying I was being too protective of him! It was fun while it lasted I guess.

Hyde Family Reunion - Island Park

We went to Island Park this year for the Hyde reunion. It was so much fun! We rented a huge cabin that was very roomy. Almost everyone was there but the Smiths and Dannon's wife, Jessica. We sure missed them though. We went to Yellowstone one day, and to Mesa Falls and the Johnny Sack cabin. My kids loved being around everybody. The older cousins are so good to my kids. They just jump right in and help take care of them and they are so fun to be around. They are always teaching my kids fun songs and activities to do. That is the benefit of having older cousins too, right? Anyways, I could only hope that my kids turn out like them. They are great examples to my kids.
We each were in charge of a few meals and different activities during the week. It is also Nate's parents 50th wedding anniversary this year so we kind of celebrated it along with the reunion. Nate was in charge of the family night on Monday. We played a game to see how much we knew about them. It was fun to learn things about them that I didn't know already. I was in charge of activities for the little kids. It was a fun little get away. We used to go the Island Park every summer as a kid, so it brought back so many fun memories with my family.

Jaxston enjoying the only sugar he gets when I am not looking. Funny story though: We were driving and he had been screaming for a while. All of a sudden he was quiet for about 10 minutes. When we stopped to get out I noticed that Halle had a tootsie roll that was all slobbery in her hand. I figured she had been feeding it to Jaxston so I told her that she couldn't feed it to him. She said, "Mom, I am not feeding it to him, I am just letting him suck on it." This kid has tried more things then I ever let my other kids try this early! I guess whatever works though right?
They had matching shirts made for everyone. Here is a picture of the back of them. My kids LOVED that everyone matched!

Again, what a good sport. He puts up with a lot from his dad!

Here is Nate seeing how many people it takes to life him up.

Here is the group of older cousins playing teeter totter.

These girls get along really well together and have so much fun!

I had to take this picture for my dad. He LOVES Island Park. It is his favorite place to go. Isn't it beautiful??

Halle so excited for Yellowstone.

Family picture opportunity!