Thursday, June 25, 2009

More California....

When we decided to go to California, we found out that we were going to miss Halle's preschool graduation. I felt so bad but we gave her the choice. At first she wanted to stay and go to her graduation, but after talking to Jen she decided that she wanted to go to her house. (Jen promised her that she would put on a special graduation for Halle.) We had three little graduates from preschool. It was a cute program! We were putting in on as we were walking out the door but Halle still loved it! I was still feeling a little guilty about having her miss her preschool graduation when we got home so I asked Halle if she was sad that she missed it. She said, "No mom, cause I got to go to Jen's!" So I guess that was my answer right there!

Enjoying the yummy cupcakes after graduation!

The three graduates: Halle, J.Y., and Hailey

Brinley got to help annouce. She was so proud!

We had to hit up Krispy Kreme and get a FREE donut. The kids loved it as you can see!

Rainforest Cafe

We took the kids to a FUN children's museum. The kids absolutely loved it and it entertained them for quite a while. Jen always takes us to fun places and it was so much fun staying with them! We can't wait to go back! They were great hosts and the kids are already asking when we get to go to Jen's again! Thanks Jen and Johnny for letting us come and for entertaining us!


Aimee Fuller said...

Cousin vacations are ALWAYS the funnest. Glad you guys had a great time and that Halle's graduation was perfect.