Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 months....time does fly!

I know everyone always says that the time goes so fast once your baby comes and it is so true! I can't believe that he is already 3 months! CRAZY! I don't like it at all! He is a great baby! He has started to laugh, but every time we try to get him to laugh for Nate he won't. So Nate doesn't believe us! Here are a few pictures of our handsome little boy! I am so in love with him! He makes me smile! We took him to the doctor a few weeks ago for his two month and he was 11 pounds! He is such a smiley baby! I recently purchased a bumbo seat. I was a little hesitant because it is a little pricey. I LOVE it! It has been worth every cent to me. He loves to sit up and he will sit next to me while I cook dinner or get ready for the day! I have to say, it you have the chance everyone needs one of these. It has been a lifesaver for me!

The girls love to dress him up and then laugh so hard. Poor little guy! He is just going to have to get used to getting dressed up. My dad said that at least he has two older sisters that can say "You are NOT leaving the house wearing that are you?" So I guess it is good that he can get used to it now!
I know.....most of my pictures of him are taken in his crib. That is where he is the most happy. I lay him in here to change his pants and he always talks and smiles at me!

His first hat. Isn't he so cute....wait Halle says we have to say handsome. We sure are loving this little guy in our house! He has been lots of fun!


Aimee Fuller said...

Bumbo's are so wonderful. I LOVED mine. I should have let you use mine because they are pricey and Kaylee has figured out how to get out of the bumbo so it isn't as useful as it once was. I also heard that it trains the muscles that help them sit up so they sit up sooner. Nifty seats.

He gets cuter every time I see him. I'm sure once he gets older and bigger he'll get his sisters back with bugs or dirt. :)

Glade Shari & Co. said...

Amen to the bumbo seat...worth every penny! He is soooo cute! I love watching the kids grow. I love all the stages.

Brad and Jamie said...

I love the new look to your did you get all the cute pics of your kids at the top? Anyway, it looks great! Jaxton is just so adorable...little boys are so fun! Glad Halle and Brinlee and dressing him up! :) Your vacation to California looked like a ton of fun!

The Happy Holladay's said...

I hear ya on the Bumbo. I was hesitate forever and never got one for Aidan but I purchased one for Kennedy and its my best friend. Who needs high chairs when you have this amazing chair! He's getting big! Such a handsome little boy!

The Ferry Bunch said...

He is so stinkin cute! How come I don't have half the CA pics you do? I need a disc from you. I just saw your blog and thought...hey i need to post. Then I had nothing to show! I hate that. Isn't about time that those juke boxes are done?? I think for safe keeping you need to pick them up personally...??

Chambers Family said...

What a cutie! I'm so excited to have mine. Aren't boys so much fun? Although your girls are adorable too:) Wow I can't believe how fast the time goes though. How's the adjustment? It's crazy how much I avoid going anywhere, and I fear it will only get worse!