Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bear Lake and Conference Weekend.....

Over Conference weekend we headed to good old bear lake. My girls were so excited! We have not got very much use out of it this year. They LOVE to go there and it never gets old for them. This time it was chilly, but very peaceful.

Pretty soon Jaxston was fast asleep in this swing. We had to ride back on the 4 wheelers with him asleep on Nate's shoulder. He did stay asleep though!

More pictures on the swing

Jaxston's first 4 Wheeler ride. (No, he really didn't ride in the bumbo on the front) Nate just wanted it to look that way! :)

We didn't have a helmet for him so Nate put Halle's bike helmet on. He was a good sport and didn't bother it.
It was such a fun weekend. We feel so blessed to have a place to go and get away from daily life. I couldn't figure out why my kids LOVED to go there even in the winter because there isn't much to do. (Then I thought maybe it is because they have all our attention....guess I need to give them a little more of my time. I need to be reminded of that every now and then). All in all it was a fun little weekend getaway. Just what we needed at our house! :)