Monday, February 22, 2010

New Years Eve

This year we spend New Years with my family. We went sledding in the afternoon (see previous post) then we had a party for the kids. We bobbed for donuts, played musical chairs and then at our own "midnight" we banged our pots and pans and sprayed silly string....EVERYWHERE! They had a lot of fun together. It is always a party when the cousins get together. Then we put the kids to bed and the adults played some games together. We even got my dad to play some with us. He is always the life of the party and can get us all laughing. It was a fun New Years Eve. I always get sad when the holidays are over and our families go home. Sure wish they all lived closer!
Brinley trying to get her donut

The older cousins went first to show them how it is done.

Most of the cousins minus Jax and Sadie.

Our midnight celebration. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering it we knew what time it really was!

Grandpa and Jaxston. He even got in on the festivities.

Spraying the silly string everywhere!


Betsy B said...

Wow! you caught up fast! So many fun family memories. Those are the best. We celebrated New Years in New York time. With a newborn we just couldn't stay awake for it to hit our time zone!

Glade Shari & Co. said...

Look how good you are getting all caught up. Now could you get me all caught up! You have the cutest kids! And your family does fun things! We are so boring in comparison. Would you adopt my kids so they can have some fun too?

Aimee Fuller said...

Holidays really are the best. Especially when we have such an awesome fam. ;)

JUDINSKY said...

good donunts game!! congrats for your blog, I love it!

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