Monday, August 25, 2008

My little 1st grader is not so little anymore....

Brinley and Halle ready for school


Brinley ready to get into school!

Brinley, Dad and Halle walking into school

Today was the first day of school for Brinley. I knew that I was going to be a little sad with her being gone all day! I thought that sending her to first grade was a lot harder then sending her to Kindergarten. I guess it was just because she had already been going to preschool for two years and I was used to her being gone for a few hours already, but now ALL DAY! I thought that Halle was going to have a hard time entertaining herself, but lucky for her she had a cousin here that she LOVES so they played ALL day. Brinley is so straight to the line. She will not do anything that she thinks is not supposed to be done (mostly when someone else has told her though). Her teacher sent a note telling them to bring a pencil box. She said they could bring crayons and a pencil if they wanted but they didn't need to because she had all these supplies for them. She said that she did not want them bringing a lot of other items from home because she didn't want them to get distracted and all they really needed was a pencil box. Well I couldn't remember what was on the note when we were at the store choosing school supplies and I put a pair of scissors and crayons. She made me take them out because the teacher said, "only a pencil box, mom." She is so funny! She never will waiver from what her teachers tell her to do, and she is so afraid of getting in trouble. Nate and I took her to school and I think she was ready for us to go. We got there 20 minutes early, because she insisted on being there at the same time as the school bus. I wanted to take a picture in front of the school. She did it unwillingly and as soon as the camera clicked she had to hurry off to her class. After we had helped her find her seat, I could tell she wanted us to go. It is sad seeing her all grown up and not needing me so much anymore. She has always been very clingy to me since she was a few months old. It used to get a little old, but now I think I want some of that back. They just grow too fast and I don't like it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little paranoid....

I am thinking about going private and maybe I am just a little too paranoid. I just don't want to have to worry about some weirdos out there that are looking at my blog. I know it is kindof a pain to have to sign in so sorry. If you would like an invite just leave me your email. I would love to hear from anyone that would like an invite!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A fun day at Lagoon!

We went to Lagoon yesterday with Nate's work. It was a fun day as a family. My kids had been looking forward to going for the last few weeks and would ask how many more days until they got to go. So finally the day was here...and they woke up at 6:00 all ready to go. Nate has been so busy working all the time so it was nice to have him all to ourselves!

Waiting in line for a ride.
Riding the cars

Halle couldn't ride The Bat so I took her over to a few of the little kids rides and this is what she chose to ride.

Brinley and Nate on dinosaur drop. We all went on one just like this right before and Halle didn't like it. It goes up and drops keeps dropping you really fast. She wouldn't get on it after that....until the end of the night and she forgot what it was like. She wanted to go again right before we were leaving. She kept saying she was done after it had dropped them once.
Halle waiting paitently
Riding The Dragonfly ride.

Rollers and a little elmers glue

The other day I was busy cleaning my room and the girls were playing so well together. Halle came into my room to find the glue. (I keep it in there because we have had a few experiences with her and glue, so I thought it was safer in my room...appereantly not too safe because she knows right where to find it and she has no problem reaching it.) I asked her what she was going to do with it. She told me that she was going to put it on the bottom of Brinley's feet so she could skate. I explained to her that it was going to make a big mess if it was on the bottom of Brinley's feet and that I didn't want her to do that. She then confessed what else she was going to do! She brought me the rollers from the bottom of a broken chair and told me that she was going to glue them to the bottom of Brinley's feet with a little Elmer's glue. I guess I should of let her give it a try! I was laughing about it later and wondering who came up with this great idea because a lot of times Brinley will come up with the idea, and then send Halle into to ask me because she is too chicken. But then... if any of you know Halle and her personalilty you can assume it was her fabulous idea!

The attempted roller skates

Trying so hard to glue them on her feet!

I guess I should at least be glad that they are creative with the things they come up with! They sure are a lot of fun and I wouldn't change being a mom for the world! :o)